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In the town center of Dim River, Henri wakes up in the middle of the night to a sudden and loud crash sound.  A strange metal cabinet has fallen through the ceiling from the apartment above, effectively blocking his front door. The night life of the town goes on, oblivious to Henri's struggles as he tries to solve his predicament perhaps not completely on his own.

The night is going to be long and peculiar...

Blank Frame is a first person surreal horror game with a look akin to early 2000's pc/ps2 games and is accompanied by a strange and haunting soundtrack made by Hangman & Taraen (Gazers) :

The game is about an hour and a half on your first playthrough and is meant to be played in one sitting. The game contains two endings

Gameplay is a combination of point and click games and walking simulators. However, it is possible to die in this game. If you die, you have to start from the beginning. Chances to die are rare and can be avoided fairly easily so deaths do not feel cheap.  

Game focuses on atmosphere and story instead of constantly startling the player. Blank Frame is meant mainly for fans of slow paced surreal/psychological horror games.

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  • Read the "README" file that is within the zip file.
  • Vulkan API is required to run the game properly.
  • If you're experiencing problems with the Linux version of the game, try running the Windows version with the latest version of Wine software.
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, early-2000s, Horror, Lo-fi, pc, Point & Click, ps2, Retro, Surreal, Walking simulator


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Damn! The amazing art style caught my eye. I wanna play this game so badly!

This game is unplayable for me unfortunately because of performance issues but i heard it's great

I played the version that was out at the time I first bought this two years ago, and in hindsight it was my bad for not checking if it had any updates when I finally played it. Despite that, I really appreciate this game’s atmosphere and allegory! It was so engrossing that I wanted to know what was going on that resulted in Henri being trapped in his apartment.

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Such a good game!!Great job!..I really liked the whole atmosphere of the game and how the world outside of your window is, what was happening with the other people and the interactions you had with it,i don't know if it makes senses😅..But anyway i loved it,thank you so much for this game!!Hope you make more!


hey, i haven't actually played the game myself, i watched a playthrough of it instead, but i want to tell you that i really enjoyed what you made. this feels like it would fit perfectly on the haunted ps1 demo disc collection. blank frame sorta took me back to how the best parts of those collections made me feel strangely cozy.

Pretty dang fun!

It's sort of like an escape room with a horror twist!

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More 10 days till this game is going to be released on Steam, can't wait for it. 

btw game is awesome, one of my favorite indie games 10/10


Its now already available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1825620/Blank_Frame/



I am in love with this game, after I had seen gameplay of it on YouTube. Although I am unable to get this game, due to issues that I am having with the payment methods. It’s a real bummer that I am missing out on this game.


Thank you! The game releases on Steam January 28th, maybe you won't have issues there?


Thats great! I can not wait!


Overall, this was a very positive experience.  The atmosphere and writing are excellent, while the gameplay is a bit frustrating.  It features pixel hunting, backtracking to find random event triggers, and a terrible timed action final sequence.  However, despite these issues, I had a good time because the story and setting were so engaging.  I just wish I hadn't had to refer to the walkthrough so often and that I hadn't died after playing for 2 hours with literally 30 seconds left of game and having that make me start all over.  (I watched a video for the ending.  Shh, don't tell.)

Still would recommend though.

Game is awesome! Just reporting a weird bug, after the television screen comes off, when I went to select the tv after the puzzle, the game went to a black screen with the circle cursor still able to move around, but the only thing I could do was hit esc to the quit menu, it was just stuck on a black screen with the circle cursor able to move but nothing to select. I love the game, just wanted to let you know, thanks


watched CJUgames's playthrough of this game and thought it was awesome.  you made a great game here!  really, i loved everything about it, but especially the slow burn, color palettes, and the music!!  hoping to buy the soundtrack after my next paycheck :D


I just saw it at ManlyBadassHeroes Youtube-Channel and this game looks REALLY good.


This is honestly one of my top indie horror games of all time. Everything from the writing to the lo-fi graphical style to the soundtrack to the surreal exploration of it's themes; this is (as far as my tastes go) perfection. Few games are so legitimately creepy, deeply introspective, compelling, well paced, and stylistic. I can't wait to see what you do next! ❤

Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the next game,  "A Path That Lingers".

I gotta say this is one of the more interesting games I've seen so far, The concept is creative and the atmosphere leaves me confused and that's what I think a game like this should strive for! I just gotta say I'm a huge fan.


What an absolutely underrated and underexposed gem of a horror game. It's hard to believe this is your first project because of how well you've executed the atmosphere. It feels like a never-ending descent with ups and downs to keep you second guessing what's happening. I had some issues with the puzzles and I'm not even sure I solved them in the correct manner but I certainly had a great time when it was intuitive enough for a dummy like me to solve them. It's so refreshing to see a developer with your level of restraint not throw in cheap and random jump scares.

I wish you the best and can't wait to see or hear about your next project. I found what seemed to be a fixed camera angle prototype called Lovi on your Twitter and am super excited to see what you make of it.

Thanks for making games!

Thanks! LOVI is put on hold for now. Next game currently in development is "A Path That Lingers". It also utilizes fixed camera angles like LOVI.

Any chance of selling this on steam ?


Yes, looking into it. Might release it along with the next game on Steam.


Very enjoyable, but be aware it's a very slow-burn, allowing you to soak in the atmosphere and the anxiety of a man helpless and trapped.

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Very entertaining playthrough! And interesting interpertations. Thanks for playing!

You should add a Save Mechanic.
To save the Game, ya know.


Hey. Yes, I realize save mechanic could be useful. However, the game is meant to be played in one sitting. If you get stuck, you can resort to the walkthrough txt file that is included. 

Also, save mechanic would be very hard to implement at this point. I developed this game with smaller vision initially and over time the project grew more ambitious. So implementing a save mechanic to the current architecture is not an easy thing to do. I'm sorry, if it brings the game down for you.  My next game will improve on all fronts.

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I'm limited to a pretty basic computer at the moment. Is there any way to change graphical settings for this game, or is it something you'd consider adding?

I bought the game already but sometimes judging this stuff is tricky when you have a low spec machine. It runs kind of OK but just... patchy performance, you know?

Thanks :)

I'm sorry. I'll look into making a lower fidelity mode. (Yes, even lower :D ). Hope you still like the game despite performance issues.

No need to be sorry - I'm the one who should make an effort to get my hands on a better machine!

But yeah I think with games that are made in a retro style it can be easy to forget that as they're made with modern engines and on modern hardware, they still can struggle to run on lower spec machines and that is to be expected, at least to some degree.

Thanks for making the effort though! I think just allowing for lower resolutions to be set would probably make a big difference, because I think the game still runs at 1080p? Often I set games on this machine to 720p as that really helps :)

No, the resolution is legitimate. It might be that the amount of assets loaded is too much.


After leaving that comment I actually tried reducing the resolution in Windows and then loading the game, so it ran at 720p. It made a bit of difference but not too much.

Yeah erm, anything you can do to make the game a bit smoother on low spec hardware would be awesome :)

It's hard for me to comment on all of the game yet as I watched some on the Alpha Beta Gamer channel on youtube and then realised I didn't want to watch the rest as I wanted to play it myself!

From what I've seen though I agree with people that it's very atmospheric and also feels very real. And creates this feeling of being alone even within a busy city, which is powerful I think.


The atmosphere and style of this is fantastic!


Thank you! Atmosphere is my focus.


This game is exactly what we need more of in the horror genre, I love it. Can't wait to see what you do next! Do you have any social media were I can follow you?

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Thank you! I mostly post on ThroughTunnel Youtube channel and Twitter. I don't update that often but those are the places.

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I was already excited about this, but it has seriously exceeded my expectations! I'll play for another ending tomorrow.

I found a minor bug or two, any way I can submit those to you?

I'm really glad to hear that! Yes, please send bug reports to my email throughtunnel@outlook.com . After a while, I will try and fix them all at once and update the game.


Robbert's dad says hi! 


Hah, thanks! Your son has made great music.